October 9th at UNC-Asheville

October 10th at Lenoir-Rhyne University









Focus: How can Non-Profits become more innovative and successful at raising sustainable funds for their organization?


October 9th, Session #1 (10:15 – 11:30)

“Social Enterprise Models for Non-Profit Sustainability: Workshop”

A workshop around the most common Social Enterprise tactics used by innovative non-profits across Appalachia and in the local economies movement around the country. As non-profits are moving away from total grant dependency to secure longer-term sustainability, the social enterprise framework is proving to be a strong framework for advancing 501(c)3 opportunity.

October 9th, Session #2 (1:15 – 2:30)

“State & Regional Grant Opportunities: Panel”

A deep-dive review of current opportunities and changes made to Grant Requirements for State and Regional Organizations.

October 9th, Session #3 (3:15 – 4:30)

“The Future of Fundraising: Panel” A panel of leading non-profits discussing innovative methods for fundraising, community engagement, monetizing services, and developing sellable product.

October 10th, Intensive Workshop (10:00 – 3:00)

“Competitive Grant Writing Workshop”

Taught by Mark Goldstein, Owner of Communication Mark

An intensive training around proven methods to compose competitive grant applications, taking into consideration current guidelines, the changing value of data, the role of partners, and the importance of program structure.

Detailed Description: It would be wonderful if every foundation could see your program in action, truly understand your program participants’ needs and observe how meaningful your results really are. Many grantmakers receive hundreds of proposals every year, so that this close, personal contact is seldom possible. However, whether or not you are a good writer or have relationships with influential people, it is possible to find funders and convey the greatness of your program in a grant inquiry or application. This course takes a no-nonsense approach to show you how, so that your great program gets the support it needs to thrive.

 Some of primary topics to be covered will be:

  1. Project Planning – How to identify and help create a project worthy of funding.
  2. Prospect Research – How to find grantmakers that will provide funding.
  3. Case Statement – Describing your project in a way that grantmakers will respond to.
  4. Coordinated Process – Getting everyone on your team to work together on the proposal in a timely way.
  5. Sustainable Project – Illustrating that your project can be sustained after the grant.

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