October 9th at UNC-Asheville

October 10th at Lenoir-Rhyne University








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How do Entrepreneurs interested in pursuing equity capital navigate the process of making the pitch and conducting due diligence?

October 9th, Session #1 (10:15 – 11:30)

“Are you Investor Material?: Panel”

A high-level discussion around what Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists are looking for in business investments, and how to sufficiently evaluate a company as a viable applicant.

October 9th, Session #2 (1:15 – 2:30)

“Trademarks & Patents: Workshop”

A deep-dive review of what the process and benefits are when considering applications for both Trademarks and Patents

October 9th, Session #3 (3:15 – 4:30)

“$25,000 Pitch Competition” Watch the top 5 pre-selected high-growth entrepreneurs compete in front of a panel of expert judges for $25,000 in cash and prizes.

October 10th, Intensive Workshop (10:00 – 3:00)

“Building Your Investor-Ready Funding Pitch”

This hands-on workshop shows startup founders the “fast-lane” steps for building a credible and memorable investor pitch, including the essential preparation needed to make your startup investor-ready.

To reach the next level in growing your company, many startup founders like you raise money from angel investors.

For founders without previous experience or insider guidance, the equity fundraising process can be daunting, costing precious time and money. Your funding pitch serves as the core tool in your fundraising quest. Getting your pitch right enables the funding process to move quickly to due diligence and hopefully an investment deal. Getting your pitch wrong often means more delays and do-overs.

This workshop provides an accelerated process to help founders develop the right pitch, packing must-have learning into a One-Day Funding Pitch Super Sprint.

What outcomes can you expect from the Funding Pitch Super Sprint?

By the end of this Super Sprint you will have:

  • Learned what a great funding pitch looks like – from the investor’s point of view
  • Developed a pitch outline specific to your startup and funding quest
  • Developed a credible Investment Thesis that builds investor confidence
  • Identified real world analogies to simplify your story
  • Learned how to make your pitch more “human” and relatable

What additional topics will we cover?

As you follow the workshop roadmap, you will benefit from several quick side trips geared toward making your startup more investor ready. The seven key investor ready side trips include:

  1. Startup Valuation
  2. Market Size
  3. Team
  4. Key Competition
  5. Financial Projections
  6. Startup Metrics
  7. Ideal Customer Profile

Who needs the Funding Pitch Super Sprint?

This workshop is designed for three categories of entrepreneurs:

1. Founders Raising Money Soon: Founders of pre-revenue or early-revenue startups that expect to raise equity funding in the next several months.

2. Founders Currently Pitching Angels: Founders currently pitching angel investors that want to take their pitch to the next level.

3. Entrepreneurs Building Founder IQ: Entrepreneurs of any experience level looking to expand their startup knowledge, learn about the angel investment process, and explore essential action items for making their business investor ready.

What else do you get with this workshop?

In addition to the guided pitch development sprint, we provide you with several tools that help you to refine your pitch and make your company investor ready, including:

  • Investment Thesis Worksheet
  • Narrative Transport Worksheet
  • Startup Valuation Explorer
  • Cap Table Explorer
  • Executive Summary Template
  • The Ultimate Angel Funding Checklist

Ready to up your game?

This is an intensive hands-on workshop, so come prepared to share your startup story, lend your experience with the workshop cohort, and work on guided exercises that help you build an awesome investor pitch. We look forward to helping you build your startup into a great success.

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