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Michael Palermo was born and raised in Chicago.  After 47 years in the city and almost 25 years as a business lawyer, he felt needed a change.  He took a year off in 2014 to recharge, living in the remote mountains of Idaho.  In 2015 him and his family settled in Asheville for, well, for the same reasons everyone else comes here.

Michael formed the Palermo Business Law Firm in 2006 so that he could be more flexible in the way he serve my clients, without the formalities involved in a “traditional” business law firm practice.  By eliminating the lawyer’s usual rigid schedule, high overhead, and large staff, he can better help you with your litigation, transaction, professional or business issues.

Michael uses technology to add efficiency to the practice of business law; he meets with his clients at their convenience; and as a small business owner myself, he completely understands the costs associated with hiring outside services like a lawyer.

His business law transaction practice helps all sizes of businesses and high growth start-ups with their legal documentation.

In his career as a business lawyer Michael has represented major labor unions and pension funds; the State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation; some of the largest chemical companies in the country; the State’s largest roadbuilders and underground contractors. He has taught law school, and published multiple articles.