Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Regional Community Development and Community Engagement Team Leader
Track B: Business Expansions
Expansion Funding Overview: Panel

Jeanne Milliken Bonds is the Regional Community Development and Community Engagement Team Leader for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond’s District which includes Maryland, D.C., Virginia, most of West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. In her role, she provides leadership for strategic stakeholder collaboration and research in support of issues that provide financial information and community development innovations, focusing on moderate and low income communities. Jeanne leads several Federal Reserve System teams, including a team focused on the Community Reinvestment Act and a team focused on rural policy issues.

Jeanne previously worked for the N.C. Courts as a special assistant and Deputy Director to the Chief Justice and the N.C. Rural Economic Development Center where she focused on community and economic development initiatives across North Carolina. She also served as an elected official on a town council, including Mayor Pro Tem and Mayor.
Jeanne also pursued entrepreneurial activities in the past, creating a successful business where she consulted for a number of cities in N.C. and S.C., hosted multiple television and radio programs, and was a guest writer for newspapers across North Carolina. Jeanne has led and served on a number of community and statewide boards of directors. She has a B.A. in Economics and a M.P.A. (concentration in public policy) from the University of N.C. at Chapel Hill. In 1997, she was North Carolina’s recipient of the Henry Toll Fellowship from the Council of State Governments.