and Start100 Fund
CEO and General Partner
Track B: Business Expansions
Growth Projections and Strategies: Panel
Tom’s professional mission is to help entrepreneurs everywhere succeed both in business and in life. ¬†Drawing on over two decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur, investor, entrepreneur-in-residence, and coach and mentor; Tom has a knack for helping entrepreneurs solve their most significant challenges and capitalize on their biggest opportunities.
Tom’s founded multiple startups, served as Vice President of private equity firm, Auster Capital Partners, and was recently the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneur-In-Residence for Western North Carolina, where he has advised well over 100 high-growth startup founders through all phases of early stage growth.
Tom’s current projects include¬†– a digital platform helping entrepreneurs find, understand, and connect to vetted support resources, START100- an early stage angel fund and accelerator for product entrepreneurs, and Talent Jam- a hyperlocal connectivity program that authentically connects talent to local opportunity.