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Oby Morgan has not only been responsible for scores of profiles of entrepreneurs, he is an entrepreneur of note himself. Having launched Capital at Play in September 2011—at a time when the U.S. was still trying to recover from a crippling recession, and print media in particular was in a protracted state of decline—he has grown the monthly publication steadily over the course of nearly six years to where it is now considered to be the go-to resource for information on and details about the regional business and entrepreneurial community.

Headquartered in Biltmore Village and distributed throughout the 18-counties of Western North Carolina, Capital at Play’s specialty is in-depth reports on specific business sectors (“Local Industry”) alongside engaging, relatable portraits of the people operating within those sectors (“Featured Capitalists”)—as well as the activities they partake of during their discretionary time (“Leisure & Libation”). In the process, Morgan has, over the years, literally worn every hat there is to wear in magazine publishing, from graphic designer and art director to editor and staff photographer to sales director and head of marketing/branding.

An Asheville native, Morgan attended Christ School, later studying business and American literature at the University of Mississippi and subsequently graduating from Appalachian State University’s Walker School of Business. Concurrent with his publishing industry venture, he has worked in brand development for Universal Media, Inc.; served as a speaker/sponsor at the 2012 and 2013 Carolina Entrepreneur Summit retreats; as a media consultant for Asheville based, nationally recognized advertising and marketing firm The Goss Agency; and serves as a board member of the Young Professionals of Asheville.