Leslie Anderson Consutling
Founder and Owner
Track D: Non-Profit Organizations
The Future of Fundraising

For over 40 years, as a volunteer and public servant, and as a consultant for the past 11 years, Leslie Anderson has sought to improve the future of North Carolina and beyond. Leslie’s experiences in the community are diverse:  active advocate, civic incubator, recognized community leader, nonprofit manager, fundraiser, community organizer, founding chair of several organizations, facilitator, and chair and Board member of numerous local and state organizations.

From this breadth of involvement, Leslie gained knowledge, background, and seasoned, practical experience to support and consult with nonprofits, grassroots organizations, and governmental units. This experience enables Leslie to understand and relate easily to staff, volunteers, and Board members. According to feedback from past clients, our firm delivers the agreed upon scope of work and exceeds expectations. Perhaps most telling, our clients usually become our friends and repeat customers.

Leslie Anderson Consulting, Inc. provides organizational development and support to public, private, and nonprofit organizations engaged in all types of public service. Our organizational development consulting services include, and are not limited to:  nonprofit management, board development and governance, strategic planning, special events planning, program development, community and public relations, downtown redevelopment, community collaborative facilitation, crisis management, fund development, and child advocacy. We do this through group facilitation, training, research, technical assistance, in-house management, planning processes, executive coaching, and the benefit of applied real-world experiences. We assist clients in building their capacity to achieve the desired changes and to become excellent organizations in the process.

In addition to Leslie Anderson, our firm includes Stacy Anderson, administrative coordinator, and contracted associates. We retain specialized counsel and expertise as required by the customer. For over nine years, Leslie has had an adjunct faculty appointment at the University of North Carolina’s School of Government. Areas of focus include civic engagement/civic education and community and economic development.

Every company has a particular style – its characteristic way of working with clients and addressing their needs. In our case, the style is innovative, collaborative, and solutions-oriented. Unlike some consultants, we do not offer pre-packaged solutions because there are no pre-packaged problems! Every organization has unique needs, circumstances, and opportunities. Therefore, we believe in a creative, innovative approach to problem solving. We also believe that “consulting” should not be something someone “does” to you. Instead, it should be an engaging partnership and collaborative process – one that involves all stakeholders in defining the problems and finding the solutions. We want the organizations for which we work and the communities they serve to grow stronger and become better places to live and work.