Bird's Eye Business Planning & Adventures
Track A: Start-Up Businesses
Day 2 Workshop

Founder of Birds Eye Business Planning and Adventures, Annie is an entrepreneurial learning facilitator, trainer, coach, and consultant. Bird’s Eye’s mission is to generate success and support along the journeys of entrepreneurs and leaders. Annie is responsible for assessing the needs of clients, building the capacity of the Birds Eye team, creating and piloting content for Birds Eye courses and collaborations, and leading Birds Eye customized retreats. Her passion and background lie in working with socially-driven ventures. She has worked simultaneously with non-profit organizations and small businesses for 20 years, with primary focus in the areas of local and international arts and craft, health and wellness, and food systems. She has been a Business Developer with Mountain BizWorks since 2007. Her global perspective stems from extensive international experience and her educational background in Cultural Anthropology at UNC-Chapel Hill. When called upon, Annie draws from her yoga training to assist clients in reducing stress and gaining clarity.